"Old Man Steve"

Gibraltar Hill Climb by Carson Blume

The Gibraltar Hill Climb is a memorial for Kendra Payne, A 21-year-old UCSB triathlete that killed when she was hit by
truck while riding her bicycle on Gibraltar in 2006.

Ok props to this guy, his peddle broke or something so he rode up barefoot!

And props to this guy too, his chain broke, so he ran barefoot 3 miles got is fixie.

Miss Susie Willett

Platinum out looking hot

And my team, Team Chicken Ranch

Thats right, they went up on a tandem!

Thats right, Aaron rocking the FRS!

(OMS) Old Man Steve is my hero

UP up and away!

Hey Randall, I think that's cheating!


Tea Fire Burn area

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