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Fight back with POV Cameras by Carson Blume

Today rolling across the social media landscape was 'Atropelamento na California' a video in where two guys, one wearing a POV camera filming the other in the Berkley Hills. Then they got hit, and the car ran. The footage is pretty hard to make out on YouTube but I think the raw footage was handed around and analyzed. They are currently narrowing it down. I think everyone should start wearing these and reporting, at $300 they are a cheep investment for proof of what went down. I have recently started riding with one and and I feel the way to go is 0.5sec time-lapse, because its easier to make out plates. Also battery life can be extended, but I really would like to see manufactures make a unit for cyclists for this purpose that is an easier system.

My current configuration is a GoPro Hero2 with a Battery BacPac mounted on a K Edge Big Pro Handlebar Mount I want to add an additional Hero 2 mounted on the Go Big Pro Saddle Mount as well.

Here are some resources:

Carson's 360ish - Join me! by Carson Blume

Last year I attempted to ride from Redding to Fortuna on Friday (√) then on Saturday ride The Tour of the Unknown Coast double (√/2) and then on Sunday ride back to Redding (x) I made it 1/2's of the way. This year I plan to do the whole thing (weather permitting) or maybe just the single century so around 360 Miles

Rapha did a very nice job with this video on the 2010 edition (if your having issues viewing refreshing this post seams to take care of everything.

Rapha Continental | Tour of the Unknown Coast | Humboldt, CA from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Deemed "California's hardest century", The Tour of the Unknown Coast rolls south of Ferndale, California along the Blue Slide Road & into Rio Dell, it then travels through the Avenue of the Giants, up Panther Gap, down into the Mattole Valley, along the ocean then up the wall — the Endless Hills — down the Wildcat back into Ferndale.

If you wish to join me Just RSVP on Facebook HERE anyone and everyone is invited. This is self supported debit card style adventure, SELF SUPPORTED.

One of my favorite things about this ride is the Food and Beer at Eel River Brewery, by far my favorite brew around and the food is amazing as well.

My Strava data from last year.

And if all this is not enough check out Platina road and Hwy 36, this route often ranks in the top favorite roads by motorcycle enthusiast.