Friends, countrymen, cyclist, send me your POV footage! / by Carson Blume

A rencent YouTube video out of New Zealand and DropBox's new 1TB of storage upgrade has prompted me to start a new project. I want you to upload your video of close encounters, hits and what not from your on bike camera or iPhone for a compilation video. I only wish I had a POV camera on my me when I got hit! This is all leading up to a documentary project I have an idea for, but for now just a compilation video. Watch this video then consider submitting below.  

If you have any ideas or want to conspire and or fund, "On the Road" my documentary/cycling PR project, simply email me below. Please make sure the files are trimmed down pretty tight as not to overload the DropBox.  Please fill out the form below to get a link to upload your file and tell me about your incident. Please name files: YYYYMMDD_locaiton_your-name or provide the info in your eMail. 

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