Tour of Missouri, Stage 4 (quotes) by Carson Blume

Ok, so I am going to try and think of cool quotes to go with the images today.

Paul Smecker: Fan-frigging-tastic.

Alfred Pennyworth: Why do we fall, sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up.

"Patriotism is supporting your country always and supporting your government when it deserves it. -Barack Obama "

Mahina: You know, I also have killed a lion.
Angus Starling: How many shots did you need?
Mahina: I used my hands.

Tour of Missouri, Stage 2 by Carson Blume

I saw two things for the first time the second I got off the plane last night.

I am guessing for diabetes, anyone?

and this is kinda scary, when I mentioned it to someone there were like, well you have earthquakes in California, I reminded him that we have one worth mentioning every 10 years.

So it has been a rocky start for me at the Tour of Missouri. Threw no fault of my own I did not make my flight to Kansas City on Sunday night so I am a day late. Plus no Moto today but I did get a call from Velo News and they are running the shot of Carl Decker from the Single Speed World Championships so that was nice.


So bad, Neil is fating him up for Thanksgiving

They love Brad

The start, look closely for the American Flag

The kids here love this! Maybe they will grow up and not hit me with their cars?

Mark Cavendish (Team Columbia) two wins in a row

A really nice turnout, it is really pretty here I can't wait to get out on the Moto into the countryside and do it some justice.

guns and alcohol don't mix

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SSWC - 2008 Single Speed World Championships, Napa, CA by Carson Blume

Could it really be this simple? YES!

I had to get one!

Throwback! Hometown, I tried to by it off her, but no deal.

Carl Decker



and ouch!


To Fun!

My buddy Steve Tam, Represent Redding!

Curtis Ingles
put on one hell of an event!

Figueroa Pain by Carson Blume

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It was a very Cold, Wind, Hard day. Ice at the top and howling wind, but me and Hajo the German Banker from New York concord the mighty Figueroa! On our way back from Solvang to Los Olivos on Ballard Cannon Road we ran into Cody O'Reilly out on a training ride from Santa Barbara, crazy fast kid! We then had lunch at Panino and now I have to drive back to Redding, Saturday ride, here I come, rain and all!

Climb Climb Climb!

The Top.

The Pretty Wall

We Made It!

Panino, Yummy!

Los Positas Park & Tuckers Grove by Carson Blume

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So I wished for mud and I got it, and the mud got me, I wish I brought my camera, I rode threw Los Positas Park which is right by my place. I rode down some switch backs and it was really tacky clay, it was so bad that it stopped me in my tracks and made my bike weigh about 50lbs and took me 10min to get the mud off enough to ride. I then continued on to Tuckers Grove which was a good ride but short, nice single track with a few creek crossing and mild rocky sections.