It's not about the camera. by Carson Blume

Almost every time I run into someone and they find out that I am a photographer they ask me what camera do I use. The truth is that it's not really about the camera or the lenses, or Canon or Nikon, or anything like that. For most people, even professionals, it is about the finished product: the final image. I have used some of the "Best Cameras" in the world, Phase One'sHasselbladsLeaf'sD3s (if I had to chose a favorite). They all rank at the top of the charts and do an amazing job, but I think most people just need to work on their images, not their equipment.

The key is to learn the limitations of what you currently have and keep it simple, instead of getting a 5D Mark II with 3 - 2.8 IS L lenses, a flash and a bunch of stuff to fill up your bag try getting a D7000 or 7D with 1 - f/4 zoom and just use it a lot, shoot a lot. If you do not like carrying around an SLR to shoot all of the time, grab a point-and-shoot that works for your needs and carry it. It is amazing what you can do with just a little exposure compensation and proper exposure settings.

Even your iPhone can produce some amazing images, remember, the best camera is the one you have with you!

Some camera and non camera things to consider:

  • Nikon COOLPIX AW100 - You can throw it around in your car, jersey, or purse; get it wet, drop it and still get the shot!
  • Nikon COOLPIX P7100 - A great "I don't want to carry my SLR" camera, but I want some pro performance.
  • iPhone 4s - You will most likely always have this camera on you and it is quite a little power house.
  • Best Camera - A fast powerful app that really goes to the heart of the issue.
  • Instagram - So cliché but if you are stuck in a creative rut this kind of app can help you out.
  • Postagram - Want to share your images threw good old snail mail, check out this little dandy of an app.
  • Camera+  - A bit more performance for the iPhone's camera.

Once you have reached the limitations of your equipment and tried to figure every way around it, think of what equipment that you may want to add to your gear list. Before you do, make sure you try before your buy. Online rental options out there are becoming more and more affordable, plus they ship you your equipment! This is especially convenient if you do not live in a major metro area.

At all the races I see people with:

  • 2 - pro bodies $9000
  • 2- pro lenes $4500
  • 1- pro flash $1000
  • 1- power pack $500
  • TOTAL $15,000!

I say put all that away (it's bulky and hard to manage anyway) go with a aforementioned smaller body and single lens, look at the light and the subject that exists and capture it!

Velo Bella Training Camp by Carson Blume

I had a wonderful time hanging out with the Velo Bella girls last weekend.

Marian Hunting during crit practice

Everyone listeing to Michael Hernandez's (NorCal Cycling News) words of wisdom

The Bella's rollin'

All images available here

Gibraltar Hill Climb by Carson Blume

The Gibraltar Hill Climb is a memorial for Kendra Payne, A 21-year-old UCSB triathlete that killed when she was hit by
truck while riding her bicycle on Gibraltar in 2006.

Ok props to this guy, his peddle broke or something so he rode up barefoot!

And props to this guy too, his chain broke, so he ran barefoot 3 miles got is fixie.

Miss Susie Willett

Platinum out looking hot

And my team, Team Chicken Ranch

Thats right, they went up on a tandem!

Thats right, Aaron rocking the FRS!

(OMS) Old Man Steve is my hero

UP up and away!

Hey Randall, I think that's cheating!


Tea Fire Burn area

Images Here

Results HERE

New Frame, The Pain Wagon, from Rock Lobster by Carson Blume

So I decided that cycling just doesn't hurt quite enough, actually cyclocross. So I had Paul over at Rock Lobster in Santa Cruz build me a Single Speed Cyclocross frame. I do hate it when I drop my chain or just having to deal with silly gears, plus I am a runner, who needs gears in a hour long race anyway.

Speaking of chains, this bike won’t have one, it will be running the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system.I rode a spot carbon belt drive bike at the outdoor demo at Interbike and really liked it, so Paul had the great idea to modify Paul (different Paul) Components dropouts (pictured above) so the belt drive systems could be utilized.

To keep the bike clean the back brake cable is routed threw the top tube and out the seat stay, kinda slick.

To further clean up the frame I did request the integrated seat mast that seams to be all the rage lately.

Not much to say about this image I just like it. So it off to Spectrum Powder Works for a sick paint job, any guesses on the color?